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Updated Mock Draft: Cards Pick 31st

Fresh off of Super Bowl XLIII, several mock draft sites have now updated the Cardinals draft status at picking 31st overall. There is still a consMedium_mccoy_mediumensus that the Cardinals need to improve there running game in the draft. It's obvious when they were ranked dead last in the NFL at rushing yards per game. (Trust me when I say, I looked through quite a bit of mock draft sites and the majority of them have the Cardinals taking LeSean McCoy in the first round). Some things have changed though. The Cardinals were able to establish a consistent running game throughout the post season with a fresh Edgerrin James. Do the Cardinals still draft a young running back to compliment Tim Hightower? Should they keep Edge another year? Do they bring in a young lineman to fill in at center or tackle? The draft is still months away but here are some updated mock drafts, and who the Cardinals may take in the first round:

  • LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh - "The Cardinals were somehow able to run the ball during their unexpected playoff surge, but that doesn't change the fact that they need an upgrade in the backfield. Edgerrin James' days in Arizona are numbered, while Tim Hightower does too much dancing around."

  • Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest - "This little ball hawk is an excellent cover corner and solid tackler for his size (5' 9" 195 lbs). Pac Man Jones without the baggage."

  • Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georia - "Knowshon Moreno is only a redshirt sophomore but he had two amazing seasons for the Dawgs and will most likely be one of the first two running backs selected. In some ways Moreno is similar to Cadillac Williams in that he doesn’t have elite size or speed but he makes up for it with outstanding instincts and vision."

  • Brian Cushing, OLB, USC - "Arizona finished the season as the 16th overall defense so adding Brian Cushing will help improve the defense even more.  The USC linebacker has great size for an OLB and has very good instincts. He also brings a toughness to stopping the run which will help Darnell Dockett and Bertrand Berry who are on the front line."

  • Beenie Wells, RB, Ohio - "The Edge has looked pretty good in the post season but he isn’t getting any younger. I think Beanie Wells is pretty evenly balanced and the 2nd best running back in this 2009 NFL Mock Draft. He will help them run the game and pair up well with Hightower."