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Larry Fitzgerald Caps Off Spectacular Season with Pro Bowl MVP

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The AFC's best couldn't slow him down. Larry Fitzgerald had a very good regular season and a great post season, but that wasn't enough for the 5th year pro. Fitzgerald capped off his 2008 Fitz15_mediumseason by leading his NFC squad over the best from the AFC, 30-21 and winning the MVP of the game. He didn't lead the team in receptions or yards but when the NFC needed a big play, they turned to the best WR in the league. Fitz finished with five receptions for 81 yards and two touchdowns, including the score that put the NFC on top for good with just over two minutes left in the game.

In other Arizona Cardinals-related news coming out of the Pro Bowl:

  • Kurt Warner played just one series to open the game and Anquan Boldin caught just two passes for 27 yards. Warner didn't mind the minimal playing time and Q didn't seem all that interested in the game either.
  • Boldin did sound like he was softening his stance against the organization during the game though. During a sideline report he said "We will see what happens in the next couple weeks," Boldin said. "The thing I don't want to happen is for it to get crossed up. I still love playing with those guys in the locker room, I still love the fans out in Arizona. My whole thing is with the organization and no one else." That's not fantastic news but it's a far cry from his statements earlier in the week that centered around him being down with the Cardinals. Has this evil agent informed him that a big contract is in the works or did he just get tired of spitting venom all week? We'll see.
  • Warner had some interesting comments as well saying that if Boldin returns, it would make his decision "much easier." Whether he's sending hints to the organization that he's a 'package deal' with Q or if he's just supporting a team mate will be something to keep an eye on. 
  • Warner also said that while Haley's departure won't be a deciding factor in his decision to retire or re-sign, it is a 'consideration.' That's not good news for the Cardinals but he also said that he has no desire to go backwards. It sounds like Warner may sit back and see how aggressive the team is in re-signing their own free agents as well as pursuing other players.