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Arizona Cardinals Off Season Awards: MVP

All of Revenge of the Bird's Off Season Awards have been given out and we're now on to the final, most important award; the Most Valuable Player. The most valuable player award is pretty self-explanatory. This goes to the player who was the most valuable to the team. To sum it up, this player is the reason the Cardinals made it to Super Bowl 43. It's not the player with the most impressive stats, or the most highlight-real plays. This player was important to the team and made the 2008 season what it was. All of the current award winners will be nominees, along with a few extras that came close. Here is the list of nominees for RotB's MVP:

  1. Kurt Warner - Kurt Warner proved a lot of people wrong when he completed the season and was able to play at a high level once again. Kurt was the leader of the offense and he took the Cardinals to the glory land. If he is able to come back for another two seasons, he still has all the talent to do it again. Warner has already won Offensive Player of the Year.
  2. Karlos Dansby - He's young and has a very bright future. Dansby is on the rise and has the talent to become one of the most unique linebackers in the league. Dansby can play the pass, stop the run, and get after the quarterback. He's been regarded as the play maker of the defense. Karlos has already won Defensive Player of the Year.
  3. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - In his first season, DRC was a late bloomer. He didn't make his first start till late in the season against the 49ers. He did fit the theory that he had a high learning curve because his production picked up after every game. DRC was what the Cardinals wanted and it's easy to see he has a bright future. DRC tied for the league lead for interceptions among rookies with 4. DRC has already won Rookie of the Year.
  4. Steve Breaston - Breaston went from being in charge of return duties last year, all the way to the 3rd string wide receiver this year. He gained over 1,000 yards and filled in great when Boldin wasn't able to play. He also had a great performance in the Super Bowl. Steve won the Most Improved Player of the Year.
  5. Larry Fitzgerald - Larry Fitzgerald was able to improve other parts of his game and is still doing it. That's what makes him such a threat. He is widely considered the best wide receiver in the game and played like it throughout the playoffs. There is no doubt he will own all of the Cardinals receiving records one day. He will be the face of the franchise for years and has already said he wants to be considered the greatest receiver in Cardinals history.
  6. Adrian Wilson - What else can you say about the guy? The list can go on forever. He bleeds red and white and shows up to play every Sunday. He is the longest tenured Cardinal and is a two time Pro Bowler. Nobody wanted a Super Bowl win more then Wilson and he showed it throughout the playoffs.
  7. Anquan Boldin - Boldin is that player on offense that everybody else feeds off of. He is the fire that keeps the offense burning and he motivates everybody to play hard on every down. Everybody knows he suffered a brutal hit against the Jets week 4, and the reality that he was able to come back after two games makes him that much more of an athlete.

And here you have it; the list of nominees for the MVP. As always, if you feel anybody should be added, just leave a comment with who and why. What was your reason for picking a certain player for MVP? Was there more then one MVP in anybody's eyes?