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ROTB Community Mock Draft: Are You Up For It?

The question has been asked a couple of times about ROTB holding our own community driven mock draft and so now we're bringing that question to you. Basically what we're talking about is a mock draft comprised entirely of ROTB members.  We'd all pick a team that we either live near or follow on a secondary basis or whatever and we'd each make the pick for that particular team. Sounds easy right?

Check for details after the jump.......

Ok, below is the list of teams with a first round pick (we'll start with the first round for now) and you can 'pick' your team in the comments section. If comments are already there, please make sure that your team is available. I've got something special in mind for our very own Arizona Cardinals so for now, let's assume that they're off limits.

Other than that, start picking your teams. After a couple of days, if there are still teams available we'll let people pick multiple teams if they feel they're up to the task. We'll try to get all the teams filled by the end of the week, so be quick. 

Once you make your pick, you can do as much or as little as you want as far as a 'write-up' is concerned. If you just want to send the players name and nothing more, so be it. If you want to send a quick reason why he was your pick, more power to you. And if you want to go above and beyond and come up with a full scouting report, bravo.

The bottom line is that this is our mock draft and we can run it any way that we want. If you've got questions or suggestions, send them to or otherwise post a comment with the team that you want............

[Note by Andrew602, 03/10/09 3:36 PM MST ] - To

1. Detroit LionsAndrew602
2. St. Louis Rams - Hawk
3. Kansas City Chiefs - kj197728
4. Seattle Seahawks - KDean75
5. Cleveland Browns - Cardinal_Fang
6. Cincinnati Bengals - LACardsfan
7. Oakland Raiders - ianbbc02
8. Jacksonville Jaguars - AZCARDS66
9. Green Bay Packers - jallred350
10. San Francisco 49ers - bcloirao
11. Buffalo Bills - Bezekira
12. Denver Broncos - AJBirdWatcher
13. Washington Redskins - (I'm assuming that DBacksskins will want this one)
14. New Orleans Saints - Boogatt66
15. Houston Texans -  Red Reign
16. San Diego Chargers - LACardsfan
17. New York Jets - RedbirdsRule
18. Chicago Bears - KDean75
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - hevchv
20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas via Roy Williams trade) - Andrew602
21. Philadelphia Eagles - AJBirdWatcher
22. Minnesota Vikings - jallred350
23. New England Patriots - Hawk's wife
24. Atlanta Falcons - CardsFan08
25. Miami Dolphins - CardsIrish
26. Baltimore Ravens - Fireking
27. Indianapolis Colts - Irishcardinal
28. Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina Panthers) - AJBirdWatcher
29. New York Giants - ianbbc02
30. Tennessee Titans - Giannaros
31. Arizona Cardinals - ROTB community
32. Pittsburgh Steelers - cgolden/Blitzburg/et. al.

UPDATE #1: Ok guys there are 12 11 teams left open as of right now. Starting tomorrow AM, we'll open it up and you can select your second team. Once we get each team filled (hopefully by tommorrow afternoon) we'll go over all the details about how this mock will go down. So if you want a second team check back early tomorrow to get your choice.

Update #2: We've updated the big board and only seven five four two teams left (Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Packers, Bills, Jets and Giants). Anyone wishing to pick up a second team, make your choices now. Thanks to everyone for pitching in and helping us get this done. Hopefully Friday the 13th or sometime over the weekend we can get this organized. Expect to see a post.