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ROTB's Innaugural Community Mock Draft

Our roster of GM's is set for ROTB's first ever community mock draft and we'll soon be underway, but first thanks to everyone who signed up. We're committed to building a tight-knit community here at ROTB and events like this (and others like our Pick'em league) help build some camaraderie between our many readers and contributors. I'd also like to welcome all of the members who are new to ROTB and encourage you to be as active and involved in everything that ROTB has to offer. No one person's voice is louder or more important than other so don't hold back your opinions just because you're a newbie.

So on to the business at hand. I've put together a list of frequently asked questions (actually I just asked and answered these questions myself but you get the picture) that should help clear up some of the murkiness and get us all headed in the right direction......

When are we going to start?

March 16th (next Monday) will be the first pick, so Andrew is officially on the clock as of this second.

How many rounds are we going to mock?

We're going to start with one round this year. We might expand it in future years but it's kind of late this year to squeeze in 60-something picks.

When and how do we submit our picks?

When you submit your pick is simple. After Andrew makes his selection for the Detroit Lions, I'm officially on the clock for the Rams and I'll have roughly 24 hours to submit my pick and so on. We'll ease up on the 24 hour rule during the weekends and play that by ear for now. As far as submitting, all you have to do is e-mail your pick to Ideally, we'd like to cover one pick per day during week and maybe on pick on the weekend.

What do I need to include when I submit the pick?

Ah, good question. This is where it's totally up to you as the selector. You can submit a complete write up as detailed as our "potential draft prospects" or you can just send us the players name (and anything in between). If you want to include a reasoning for your pick, or other guys you considered or why that player fits into the needs of the team, go right ahead. This is your chance to be as creative and unique as you want to be. If you submit a very short write up or just the players name, we'll add some fluff to the selection before posting. We will try to include a picture and highlight film for each selection so if there is a particular picture or video, please include that in your e-mail. 

If you need ideas or examples of what other sites are posting for their selections feel free to look around or email ROTB and we'll send you some good examples.

What if I know, for some reason, that I'm going to be unavailable during day that I need to be selecting?

Wow another good question, you're on a roll. If you see that your selection day is falling on a day that you know you'll be unavailable or away from your computer, don't hesitate to contact ROTB and we'll work something out. There are several options that we can go through and we'll find a solution.


Ok, that's all the questions that I could come up with. Clear as mud? What other questions do you have?

If you need to review the order or if you forgot which team you signed up for, check it out here.