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RB Jason Wright Visits the Arizona Cardinals Friday

According to a Cleveland Newspaper, running back Jason Wright is visiting with the Arizona Cardinals today. Wright is a five year vet who has spent most of his career on special teams, although he's managed to crack the starting lineup for the Browns four times in the past three seasons. He's a decent receiver out of the backfield (46 receptions the past two seasons) and is supposedly quite versed at blitz pickup. He doesn't have much experience returning kicks but outside of that, he sounds like a decent 3rd down back. The Browns have not been in any Jason_wright_mediumnegotiations though to re-sign the soon-to-be 27 year old back.

Our fellow Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature, doesn't have a terribly high opinion of Mr Wright:

Following a November loss to New England:

J. Wright is Bad Luck: If I'm Anderson, I never want to throw the ball to Jason Wright again. The last two times that Anderson has attempted a pass to Wright, it has been intercepted. Not that it is necessarily his fault, but I'm just tired of Wright being involved in the offense -- I wouldn't mind dumping him in the offseason.

After a November loss to Buffalo:

Ineffective Back: There was a lot of discussion before the season in debating who was better served as the Browns' backup running back: Jason Wright or Jerome Harrison. Wright had two decent seasons as a backup, but this year he has been in my opinion a detriment to the offense. I still put some of the blame on him for not turning around quick enough on Haloti Ngata's interception a few weeks ago, and I blame Wright for not doing a good job in picking up the blitzes Buffalo brought up the middle. All you need is a chip, but all I saw were whiffs.

After a preseason loss to the Lions:

Rehashing, Rehashing: I can't really debate the running back battle between Jason Wright and Harrison, because week after week it's the same thing. Wright may not have the most moves, but when given a hole he can shoot through it. Harrison can make the play when it's not there, but is still undersized. I still prefer Harrison, but not by a whole lot. Get well soon, Jamal Lewis.

Their season preview of the running back position:

The fourth-year back out of Northwestern has drawn different opinions amongst Browns fans in terms of what he's capable of. Some believe he's extremely underrated and could start, while some believe he can't handle the load if Lewis goes down. I wouldn't go as far as saying he could start: it's impossible to make that type of judgment on someone unless they are a Michael Turner. After some solid spot situations last season though, has Wright proven himself to the point where we don't need to sign another veteran back?

Worst Attribute: Middle of the Road - Wright isn't going to drive a pile forward like Lewis will. And, he won't outrun a defense to the sideline like Jerome Harrison can.

Best Attribute: Good Fundamentals - The "worst" section was short for a reason: it quickly leads to Wright's best attribute. Whenever Wright enters a game, he may not have the skills to take over a game, but he understands the role he is playing. Most impressive last season was Wright's ability to have a substantial gain, despite the fact that he received minimal carries:

Overall it sounds like Wright does alot of things well but doesn't stand out in any particular area (jack of all trades but master at none). If the Cardinals are looking for a third down back to protect Warner and catch the ball out of the backfield every once in a while, they could probably do worse.

Jason Wright

#29 / Cleveland Browns



Jul 12, 1982

What do you guys think? Anyone seen this guy play very much?