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Arizona Cardinals Sign Free Agent Running Back Jason Wright

According to a Cleveland paper, the Arizona Cardinals have signed Jason Wright to a two year contract worth an estimated two million dollars. After visiting with the team on Friday, he's expected to fill the void left by J.J. Arrington on third downs and provide an upgrade in special teams coverage. Reportedly the Browns tried to make an offer to retain Wright, but he chose the Cardinals.

Running back is still an obvious need and Wright won't change that very much. It might open the door for the release of Edgerrin James though considering that there will only be one spot to fill on the depth chart heading into the draft. Time will tell though. What do you think about the signing?

Here's a interesting scouting report courtesy of Mike Sando, our favorite ESPN blogger:

While he certainly isn't flashy and doesn't have exceptional physical prowess, Wright is tough, determined and very reliable in all facets, including special teams -- where he shines. He doesn't get a lot of action, but is a change of pace to the bruising [Jamal] Lewis. He isn't particularly big, strong, nifty or fast, but he studies the game and gets the very most out of his abilities. He sees the hole and attacks it. He also shows good patience, balance and keeps his feet churning on contact. He has soft hands and consistently secures the ball away from his frame, dropping very few passes. He is very impressive in pass protection.

Wright will not run away from anyone at this level and doesn't have the girth or power to carry the load for an extended period of time. He isn't real abrupt in his cuts and lacks the explosiveness you look for from this position. As a special teams player, he shows grit and enthusiasm. He is also a good tackler and a core contributor in all facets. His best role would be as a No. 3 running back, rather than a No. 2, and a valuable contributor on special teams.