Matt Leinart Trade Possibility

Ok so we all know that Jay Cutler is throwing himself on the floor and having a hissy-fit in Denver. He wants out and the Broncos obviously don't feel like bowing down to his greatness and professing their undying love for the strong-armed Cutler. So what are they to do and how in the world would the Cardinals get into the conversation?

First, this isn't a trade Matt Leinart for Cutler story. This is a trade Leinart to the Broncos so that they can trade Cutler discussion.

The Broncos supposedly had a trade offer on the table to the Patriots that would have sent their first round pick to New England for Matt Cassel. That trade was also contingent on the Broncos in turn trading Cutler to Tampa for a first and a third round pick. Ok so if I'm Rod Graves, I get the Broncos on the phone and offer up Matt Leinart for their second round pick (48th overall). They can work the same deal with Tampa and they essentially end up with Leinart as their starter, two first round and two third round picks. We'd end up in the market for a backup QB (Byron Leftwhich anyone), but we'd have two second round picks and would be able to fill the three big needs (RB, OLB and OL) in the first two rounds.

Anyone interested? Is a second round pick enough for Matty boy?

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