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Arizona Cardinals Off Season Awards: Offensive Player of the Year

Three awards down, and now it's time for the Arizona Cardinals Offensive Player of the Year award. This award is for an outstanding player on the offensive side of the ball. That player can be the difference maker, they can be a play maker, or they can even be the player who's emotion carries the team.The offensive player of the year is the one player that comes to play every game and was the one player that could be depended on every time. The offense is what the Cardinals excelled at and it shouldn't be a problem finding the most obvious choices. Here are the nominees:

  1. Anquan Boldin - Boldin is that player on offense that everybody else feeds off of. He is the fire that keeps the offense burning and he motivates everybody to play hard on every down. Everybody knows he suffered a brutal hit against the Jets week 4, and the reality that he was able to come back after two games makes him that much more of an athlete.

  2. Kurt Warner - Kurt Warner proved a lot of people wrong when he completed the season and was able to play at a high level once again. Kurt was the leader of the offense and he took the Cardinals to the glory land. If he is able to come back for another two seasons, he still has all the talent to do it again.

  3. Larry Fitzgerald - Larry Fitzgerald was able to improve other parts of his game and is still doing it. That's what makes him such a threat. He is widely considered the best wide receiver in the game and played like it throughout the playoffs. There is no doubt he will own all of the Cardinals receiving records one day. He will be the face of the franchise for years and has already said he wants to be considered the greatest receiver in Cardinals history.

  4. Reggie Wells - Here is the sleeper pick. Reggie is the longest tenured Cardinal on the offensive line. He is extremely underrated and is very well disciplined. It's rare to see him commit a penalty or blow an assignment. He is the anchor of the line and as they say, games are won in the trenches. Wells plays hard in pass protection but also is a constant in the running game. There is a reason the protection improved this year and the running game was revamped in the playoffs.

These are the candidates for offensive player of the year. Its hard to decide one player that really was the result of what made this offense so great. It should be interesting to see who wins. As always, if you feel anybody should be added just leave a comment with who and why.