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Arizona Cardinals Welcoming Three Free Agent Visits

The Arizona Cardinals didn't make any free agent news in the first three days of frenzied activity around the league, but that could change today. Three free agents will come to town and we finally know the identity of the visitors: Bryant McFadden, LaMont Jordan and John Kuhn. Here's a quick look at what each has to offer:Mcfadden_medium

Bryant McFadden: McFadden is arguably the best corner left on the free agent market and his best football is still in front of him. The 27 year old corner has good size (6'0 190) and above average ball skills (seven picks in four years) but not very much starting experience (18 games). He was former second round pick has battled with long-time veteran Deshea Townsend for the starting corner spot for nearly three seasons but he didn't finally break though until 2008. His first season as the starter was interrupted by a broken forearm mid-way through the season but he still managed eight pass breakups and two picks. He's an aggressive corner who likes to play physical at the line of scrimmage but will gamble at times. His and his former team does want him back and Drew Rosenhaus is his agent so he won't be cheap. If you're looking to gauge what his contract demands might be, I'd look to Domonique Foxworth's deal with the Ravens (4 years at $28 million with $16.5 guaranteed). I wouldn't be surprised if Drew and McFadden are looking to top that contract. 

LaMont Jordan: He's an interesting name and I wouldn't dismiss him very quickly. We talked about him last off season before he signed with the Patriots but he didn't garner much interest around ROTB. Overall Jordan's not a sexy name that will generate a buzz. He's a 30 year old back who isn't true starting material and durability has always been an issue. On the other hand though, his skill set would seem to be a fit in Arizona. He's an accomplished player out of the backfield (70 receptions in his only season as starter) and he's been pretty productive where ever he's played. He wouldn't command a big salary and the Cardinals wouldn't be forced to guarantee him a great deal of playing time. Whether your terribly excited about LaMont Jordan or not, he's the kind of third tier free agent that the Cardinals seem to be targeting.

John Kuhn: Kuhn's a surprising name not only because the team already has two fullbacks that they're familiar with, but also because he's a restricted free agent. Kuhn originally signed with the Steelers after being undrafted in the 2005 draft and spent '05 and '06 seasons between the practice squad and active roster. He signed with the Packers for the '07 and '08 season and has served as their backup fullback, starting four games in two seasons. He's obviously got ties to Ken Whisehunt and Russ Grimm but I can't imagine that Kuhn would be an upgrade over Cardinals free agent Terrelle Smith, other than being four years younger. Kuhn received the lowest possible tender from the Packers so they'll have the opportunity to match any offer he receives but they would not be entitled to any compensation if they chose to let him leave.


Obviously McFadden is the most attractive free agent of the three but he'll also be the hardest one to sign. He's a burgeoning star and will be looking for his first significant pay day. What odds to you put on the Cardinals landing him and would he be an instant upgrade to the secondary? Any interest in Jordan or Kuhn?