Five Round Mock with the Cardinals Trading Boldin to the Titans

Check out Draft-Tek's latest mock that has a "what if" scenario with the Cardinals trading Anquan Boldin to the Titans for their first and third round picks. That gives the Cardinals five picks in the top 100 including back to back picks in the first and third. Not a bad haul for Q, but let's see how the mock turns out.....

  • 1a: Connor Barwin (DE/OLB/TE) - Cincinati: Talk about a prospect who's flying up the charts. The guy has only played DE for one season after being a TE earlier in his career, but he still recorded 11 sacks. He's a tremendous athlete and has a ton of upside.
  • 1b: Chris Wells (RB) - Ohio State: We all know about Beanie and say what you want about him but if the Cardinals come out of the first round with a bonafide pass rusher and a franchise back, I'm dancing in the streets.
  • 2: William Moore (FS) - Missouri: Not sure I like a safety this high but he's a first round talent who had a bad senior season. He's definite upgrade over Francisco and rounds out what would be an awful good secondary.
  • 3a: Kraig Urbik (G) - Wisconsin: If you don't know about this guy, you should. He's the kind of OL that Grimm dreams about at night. Built like a fire hydrant and acts like a bull dozer in the running game. He gives Lutui a serious run for his money from day one.
  • 3b: Antoine Caldwell (C) - Alabama: Eh, experienced center who needs to get stronger. Quick feet, mobile but needs to hit the weights sounds to much like Lyle.
  • 4: Jason Phillips (ILB) - TCU: Not a great LB and won't help in year one at all after tearing his ACL right before Pro Day, but he's got some talent. Not phyisically gifted but an experienced LB who's made his share of big plays. Sounds like a Biesel clone to me.
  • 5: Brandon Hughes (CB) - Oregon State: Another eh pick but it's value at this point. Came to college at WR but ended up starting 40 games at CB. Decent size (5'11 182) and good speed (4.4 at combine) but was never really great at Oregon State.

So what do you think is a one and a three enough?

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