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2009 Arizona Cardinals' Pre-season Schedule Set

It may be only preseason games, but at least now what we've been speculating on can see some real results. 

Week 1:  Cardinals @ Steelers  (ESPN coverage)

Week 2:  Chargers @ Cardinals

Week 3:  Packers @ Cardinals

Week 4:  Cardinals @ Broncos

The Denver Broncos have been the traditional opponent for the last game of the pre-season for a number of years, with the game alternating between home and away games for the Cardinals.  The last time the Cardinals were in Denver Shane Boyd stunk it up mightily, so here's hoping BSP & Co. show something more this time around.  The Chargers are frequent pre-season opponents and return to Glendale as they had two years earlier.  The rematch of the Super Bowl won't be much considering that Warner & Co. will likely see a possession or two at most before Leinart works the rest of the first half.  The Packers seem to have knocked the Oakland Raiders off the schedule as normally the Raiders would be in Arizona this year.  It's unusual that the Packers will visit Glendale twice this year playing the Cardinals in the regular season as well.

So the base 20-game opponents are known.  Anything stir up the blood with these pre-season opponents?