McFadden is a Cardinal

Signing McFadden was a great sign for the Cards.  They had a few holes they needed to address in the off season and the nickle corner was a big one.  The Draft prospects for this year at corner were dismal so it is great to see the Cards signed a solid corner from Free Agency.  I think McFadden fits better (more than Hood) the type of defense the Cards run and Hood has always played well in a nickle where he can read the QB's eyes.  Even if Hood beats out McFadden, either way this was a major improvement of the secondary.  Add in Lewis from SF and the Cards just got a lot better in the secondary.  (With the signing of Lewis, Fransisco may find he is in for a dog fight for a job this summer). Now they still have to sign a FB(Michael Karney would be a good option), Long Snapper (Mike Leach), and then they need to decide where to go to increase depth in DL and LB.  It looks to me that they are looking to FA to bolster the DL.  I would expect the draft to look for Center, RB, another TE, OLB and, either ILB or DL depending on how FA shakes out.


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