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Arizona Cardinals Programming Note

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The NFL is slated to release the full schedule on Tuesday, April the 14th at four in the afternoon. The Arizona Cardinals schedule should be very interesting because they should be in the running for at least a couple prime time games early in the season (before flex scheduling begins). Probably the most important aspect the schedule for the Cardinals will be when the trips to Chicago and New York fall into the NFL calendar. As we well know, a trip to the north is much more difficult in December than it is in September or October. One of the more likely games will be week 1, which is when the Cardinals and 49ers usually battle it out. They've faced each other in the 1st week of the season for the last 3 years, 2 being in San Francisco, with the Cardinals winning two of the three games.

We'll of course breakdown the entire schedule once it comes out but here's the home and road contests:

Home: Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indianapolis and Carolina

Road: Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville, Tennessee and New York (Giants)