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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 39th Overall Pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars Select...

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Kenny Britt (WR), Rutgers

6'3", 218  Kenny_britt_medium

With the 8th pick of the second round, the Jaguars select Kenny Britt. The Jaguars need a wide receiver and in this mock draft at least they missed out on Crabtree and Maclin in the first round. That makes their need even greater here. Kenny Britt is the best wide receiver on the board and he's pretty good. Despite leaving Rutgers as a Junior, Britt is the Scarlet Knights' all-time leading receiver. He is 6'3 with lanky 34 inch arms. His size makes up for his average speed (4.56 40 yard dash). Although he is considered something of a diva (think Chad Johnson), he is an above average blocker. Britt has tremendous upside and will start for the Jaguars immediately.

Positives: Britt has great size and bulk and he knows how to use his size to his advantage. He's got good ball skills, body control and is an explosive leaper who's capable of snagging the ball at it's highest point. His strength and size make him a physical receiver capable of beating the jam and making his living over the middle of the field. He's tough runner after the catch, a decent blocker and highly competitive.

Negatives: Britt's biggest question mark is his lack of top end speed or quickness. He can struggle at times to separate from defenders and he's isn't overly elusive after the catch. His hands aren't the best either and he drop the occasion ball when his concentration wanes. His cocky attitude and sometimes questionable work ethic add to the 'diva' concerns.

First Round Pick: BJ Raji

Many thanks to AZCARDS66 for submitting this pick. The Raiders and ianbbc02 are now on the clock with the Packers and JallRed350 on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here.