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Weekly Flock of Arizona Cardinals

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 - Over at, they breakdown the draft class of 2006 for the NFC West. All four teams had poor drafts, and only the 49ers came away with decent picks. The Cardinals best player drafted was Deuce Lutui, and they received a grade of a D.

 - Darren Urban talks about the impact of James Harrison's new contract and how it may affect Karlos Dansby's situation. He thinks it won't make a difference since the Cardinals were reportedly offering him the same type of deal that Bart Scott received, and he said the deal wasn't even close.

- Urban also takes a look at players just trying to make the roster in 2009, including defensive lineman Jason Banks and Rodney Leisle.

- Azcentral has a list of surveys for Arizona including best sports team and venue. So far the Cardinals are leading the way. They also survey for the best sports figure, which Kurt Warner is leading in.

- Azcentral also looks at Alan Branch and that this is a critical year for him. They also look at what the Cardinals gave up and expected from the defensive tackle.

- Mike Sando reveals the finalists for the JB Award, which is for players that made contributions within their NFL communities. Kurt Warner is one of them.

- Sando also breaks down what the Cardinals can expect from Kurt Warner at the age of 38. He also looks at past quarterbacks of the same age and how they performed.

- As a side note, tune in to NFL Network tonight to see the Cardinals schedule.