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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 44th Overall Pick, the Miami Dolphins Select...

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Clint Sintim (OLB), University of Virginia
6'3, 256

Almost half the Dolphins sacks last season belonged to Joey Porter so needless to say Joey's aging limbs could use some help. Having played in a 3-4 at Virginia Clint Sintim will be a good fit with the Dolphins and his 11 sacks last year led all linebackers in College FB. 

Before last season he had been in the shadow of Chris Long at the Cavaliers but he certainly stepped out of that shadow big time last season. His draft stock has dipped a little because of a not so stellar combine but I'm sure Parcells will look at his on field production and his football skills. He should provide competition at OLB from day one and will definitely see playing time in passing situations during the season.

Positives: Sintim's a versatile player with very good size and length to go along with a relentless motor. He's got a knack for getting to the QB (20 sacks between the past two years) and has the strength to shed blocks and be a factor in the running game. His strength plays to his advantage as he's a punishing tackler who doesn't shy away from contact. He reads plays well, takes good angles and has the athleticism to makes plays in pursuit. As a four year starter (after a redshirt season) and emotional leader for the Cavaliers, Sintim played through pain throughout his career and finished with 49 straight starts.

Negatives: Sintim doesn't have great straight line speed and may not be a true 'side line to side line' player. At times he'll get too high and be engulfed by bigger blockers, and needs to improve his hand work to free himself. Scouts biggest concern is his ability to drop into coverage. He wasn't asked to do that very much at Virginia and he struggled with it during Senior Bowl week looking stiff in the hips and had trouble diagnosing routes. He might not have the ability to play mancoverage against backs or tight ends.

First Round Pick: Darius Butler

Many thanks to CardsIrish for submitting this pick. The Giants and ianbbc02 are now on the clock with the Texans and RedReign on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here