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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock

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The past week has been pretty slow and the majority of Cardinal news is about the draft. It will be sure to increase as the draft nears closer. As for now, here is some of the most recent news regarding the Arizona Cardinals.

- Mike Sando evaluates the affect of West Coast teams playing on the road at a 10am kick off. The Cardinals record for those early road games is 5-15 since 2005, 4 of the wins coming against the Rams.

- Also from Sando he looks at the impact of the preseason on the NFC West, and that the Cardinals will travel 4,821 miles.

- Mike Sando also takes a look at the quarterback positions in the NFC West and how they may fair out in the future.

- Bleacher Report evaluates the Cardinals off-season, including signings and losses, and an outlook on what to expect in 2009.

- Bleacher Report also discusses that the Cardinals should not part ways with Anquan Boldin saying,

Boldin is the best number two in the game and a perfect complement to Fitzgerald’s great hands and excellent leaping ability. If you’re of the opinion that AZ would be fine without Boldin, let’s take a closer look at the impact of his departure. In 2008, Boldin caught 89 balls, accumulated 1,038 yards, and scored 11 touchdowns…in only 12 games.

- As a twist, Cardinalsgab advises that Boldin is on the decline at this point in his career.

- Kent Sommers explains that the Cardinals are starting to invite potential draft picks to be evaluated, something Dennis Green stopped doing. One of the visits is Beanie Wells.