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Arizona Cardinals News: Breaking Down the Trade Partners for Anquan Boldin

In this second and final piece in a short two part series (here's the first), we'll take a look at each and every team who would be a possible suitor for Anquan Boldin and decide if they have the fire power to make the deal.

Analyzing the teams who might be interested in Anquan Boldin is much easier that deciding whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should actually trade him, so we'll try to increase the difficutly by adding odds to each team. We first narrowed down the group of potential suitors by looking at team needs, then considered the number of picks in this years draft and finally we tried to guage the franchise's williness to part with draft picks. Here's what we came up with.....

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are the clear front runner for Boldin's services and for good reason. They've got a young QB, who could use a sure handed possession receiver like Q, and an uninspiring receiving corps. They're only receiver who caught over 41 balls was Derrick Mason who recently turned 35 and is entering the final year of his deal. Behind him is Mark Clayton who emerged as a deep threat in 2008, but he's been hit or miss at best during his four year career. They've got six picks in the draft, including their #1 and #3, and according to reports have contacted the Cardinals in the past week. Odds: 9 to 2

New York Giants: The Giants are clearly in the market for a wide receiver after the release of Plaxico Burress but questions remain about how interested they are in Boldin. Rumors have surfaced that they might be willing to give up a first and third for Braylon Edwards but not Boldin Boldin10_mediumbecause of Edwards 'big play' ability. It's also pretty widely accepted that Eli likes tall receivers with the ability to get deep, but as the draft approaches crunch time creeps in, you just never know. The best bet for a Boldin trade with the Giants will likely come at the 11th hour. Odds: 15 to 1

New York Jets: The Jets have a clear need at wide receiver but that's by far not their only need heading into this coming weekend. They released Laveranues Coles this off season leaving them with leading receiver Jerricho Cotchery (71 for 858) but the depth behind him is fairly weak. Chansi Stuckey is entering his third season, but has just 32 career receptions, and Brad Smith, a former college QB with 53 career receptions in four seasons. With the holes in the current squad, the high asking price for Boldin might be too much for a team that's closer to the bottom than the top. Odds: 18 to 1

Tennessee TItans: Jeff Fisher isn't a fan of trading draft picks for a team that's so close he might make an exception for Boldin. The Titans signed speedy Nate Washington in the off season to be a deep threat and Boldin would be the perfect compliment on the other side. The Titans have ten picks this weekend, including multiple picks in the fourth, sixth and seventh, and adding a proven play maker like Boldin might be enough to make them part with two or three of them. The only real problem with this possibility is that there hasn't been a single rumor linking the Titans to Boldin. Odds 18 to 1

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags are negotiating with Torry Holt as we speak so if that deal is completed, Jacksonville might fall of this list completely. For now though the Jags are in serious need of a receiver considering that right now their starting wide outs would be Troy WIlliamson and Dennis Northcutt, who combined for 49 receptions last year. The Jags have plenty of picks and an established wide receiver could be just what David Garrard needs to return to 2007 form. Odds (with Holt): 30 to 1 (15 to 1 without)

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles were at the top of the list this time last week but the trade of Jason Peters has dropped them to the very bottom of the list, if not completely off the list. Still though for a team that's looking to win right now, Boldin will be a better player this season that any player that they can draft. Odds: 40 to 1

Chicago Bears: The Bears finally have their QB in place but his receivers are sub-par at best. The problem with the Bears though is that they don't have the assets to swing a trade unless the Cardinals are willing to accept a handful of picks after the first round. They don't have a first round pick after the Cutler trade but they do hold five picks in the next four rounds, including two in the fifth, but the Cardinals might not even consider a deal that doesn't include a first round pick. Odds: 50 to 1


One other team could be a dark horse if they move a player of their own, but I doubt the Browns would trade one reciever away just to acquire another. Minnesota is another team who could show some interest, considering that they're recieving corps are very thin, but they're still paying for the Jared Allen trade and trading would Boldin would nearly wipe them out of picks. So what do you guys think? Are the Ravens the only legit option and are there any other teams that we missed?