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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 46th Overall Pick, the Houston Texans Select...

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Louis Delmas (FS), Western Michigan

6"0", 202

The Texans have been trying to build a dominating defense for the past Louis_delmas_mediumseveral years and the addition of Delmas will help a secondary that was in the bottom half of nearly every defensive passing category. Delmas could serve a 'jack of all trades' role early in his career contributing as a third safety or a nickel corner and in a division that faces Peyton Manning twice a season, you can't ever have to many defensive backs.

Positives: Delmas has an athletic build and he can still add some bulk to his frame. He's a physical defender with some explosiveness as a tackler and he is a willing run supporter. He's got good range, plus hands and the ability to read the QB's eyes and make a big play. As a four year starter in the MAC, Delmas was a hard worker and very productive.

Negatives: Delmas isn't overly athletic and he hasn't wowed scouts with his top end speed, quickness or burst. He can get into trouble when he's too aggresive can be an inconsistent tackler when he tries to go low or force a big hit. He'll need to bulk up a bit and learn to play within a system.

First Round Pick: Clay Matthews

Many thanks to RedReign for submitting this pick. The Patriots and Hawk's wife are now on the clock with the Broncos and AJBirdwatcher on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here