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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 51st Overall Pick, the Dallas Cowboys Select...

William Moore (FS), Missouri

6'0", 221

The Cowboys finally cut the most overpaid safety in the league (Roy Williams) and they don't waste any time finding his replacement. William Moore isn't just a hard hitting strong safety but that's just fine with the Cowboys as long as William_moore_mediumhe's better in coverage than Williams had been over the past couple of years. Moore's 22 pass breakups and eleven picks over the past four seasons would suggest that he's a much more well rounded player. The Cowboys have their starters in place so Moore will be able to learn in limited action but he's got the tools to be a play maker in Wade Phillips defense.

Positives: Moore is a well built athlete with a prototypical blend of size and speed. He's athletic enough to be a true center fielder in coverage and the physicality to be a force in the running game. He's a reliable tackler who also has the ability to read the QB's eyes and make plays on the ball while it's in the air. He's got good hands and is a force once he gets the ball (four of eleven picks returned for TDs). He has experience at both safety spots and was a team leader at Missouri.

Negatives: Consistency in just about every area is Moore's biggest concern. He will miss tackles when trying to deliver a highlight reel tackle and can get beat deep when he gets too aggressive. Teams will also have to decide if they're drafting the 2007 version (117 tackles, 8 picks) or the 2008 version (86 tackles, 1 pick).

Many thanks to hevchv for submitting this pick. The Jets and RedBirdsRule are now on the clock (please email pick to with the Eagles and AJBirdwatcher on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here.

Also guys, we're in draft 'crunch time' right now with nearly twenty picks to cover in the next five days so we're going to be hitting these fast and furious. If you can, send a list of three players who you'd like to draft as your pick approaches so that we can stay ahead of the action and knock these picks out quickly.