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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 58th Overall Pick, the New England Patriots Select...

Fili Moala (DT), USC

6'4", 305

New England needs to add some youth and size to the defensive line aFmoala_int_mediumnd Moala fits that discription. He's got a massive frame and is one of the those players that can learn and develop in New England's system.

Breakdown: Moala lacks sudden closing speed, but shows good lateral 
quickness and above average footwork, along with the agility and balance to change direction and flow down the line. He is strong on the inside gap charge and can dominate with his hand swipes. He has a nice combination of power and quickness to stack and shed. Moala might lack sprinter's legs in pursuit, but shows good body control working in space. Moala is strong enough shooting his hands to hit with authority, but could use more overall strength. When he locks on to a ball carrier, they are not going to get away.

First Round Pick: James Laurinaitis

Early Second Round Pick: Alphonso Smith

Yet Another Second Round Pick: Patrick Chung

Many thanks to  my wife for submitting this pick. The Panthers and Aces are now on the clock (email pick to with the Giants and ianbbc02 on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here.

Also guys, we're in draft 'crunch time' right now with six picks to cover in the next two days so we're going to be hitting these fast and furious. Please, send a list of three players who you'd like to draft as your pick approaches so that we can stay ahead of the action and knock these picks out quickly.