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Finishing Up the ROTB Community Mock Draft

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First off, we just want to give a big thanks for everybody participating and making this community mock draft so successful. It's currently crunch time and I think I can speak for everybody when I say, thank god the draft his tomorrow because all these mock picks are starting to become deflating. So with that said, I haven't received a response for the Giants, Colts and Titans picks and will therefore, make the selections so we can vote for the Cardinals 2nd round pick.

New York Giants - RB Donald Brown

He's somehow managed to last this long and the Giants would love to add a young multipurpose back to their team. He's current the BPA and would be a great value pick and #59. The Giants had that three headed monster attack last year that was one of the best rushing units in the NFL and was key to their success. Adding Brown would fill the loss of Derrick Ward.

Indianapolis Colts - WR Mohamed Massaquoi

Massaquoi will never fill the void of Marvin Harrison leaving this off-season but the Colts would benefit from acquiring him. He's got a nice frame and would be ideally suited in the slot due to his yards after the catch. He does need some work on holding on to the ball, but aside from that, the Colts do have two good receivers in Wayne and Gonzales that can allow Massaquoi to develop.(Thanks to IrishCardinal for making this pick)

Tennessee Titans - WR Juaquin Iglesias

The best defensive tackles are already off the board and the Titans need to establish a need they've had since Derrick Mason left, wide receiver. Iglesias provides a legitimate threat on offense and an all-around talented receiver. His only drawback is his speed but his natural ability excels in every other category.

And now on to the Cardinals potential second round pick------------------------------->

In the 1st round, the ROTB community voted and decided the Cardinals would take running back Beanie Wells to shore up their inept running game. With that being said, the Cardinals can now establish needs in other areas. At this point the Pick2_mediumCardinals can very well go BPA(Best Player Available). Here are the nominees:

Duke Robinson G Oklahoma

Robinson has good straight-line quickness for a player his size, but is a bit stiff and shows just marginal foot speed working into the second level. He has great strength and leg drive to run through defenders and open rush lanes. His frame is also a great asset when he is asked to create movement off the snap. While he might struggle to mirror quicker edge rushers, he uses his arms well to engulf the smaller opponent. When he plays on his feet, he can do a good job mirroring vs. edge rushers.

Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois

Williams has great agility and athletic ability, playing with ideal quickness and speed. He shows fine balance closing on the ball and the ability to stay on his feet working through trash. With his flexibility, he is quick to redirect and work his way to the flow of the ball. He has the quickness of a safety dropping back in zone coverage and is an above-average player in the open field with suddenness to close. He shows good strength at initial contact and breaks down well on the move. His ability to quickly turn and run makes him an asset in pass coverage, as he has the foot speed to stay with most receivers through their routes.

Chase Coffman TE Missouri

He is explosive with his initial step off the line of scrimmage and shows the body control to easily adjust on the move. He demonstrates the wingspan and reach to adjust easily to the poorly thrown pass and looks agile and alert running his routes. Coffman has natural hands, above average lateral agility and does a fine job of getting open, displaying the power to break tackles and the leaping ability to hurdle over smaller opponents.

Cody Brown OLB/DE University of Connecticut

Despite the concerns about his size or strength, it's impossible to ignore 33 tackles for loss and 18.5 sacks over the past two seasons, including five forced fumbles in 2008. Brown consistently made impact plays and was arguably the most explosive defender in the Big East Conference over the two seasons. He was a three year starter at U-Conn was the first true freshman to start a game on the defensive or offensive line in U-Conn's D1 era. He's got a ton of experience but he still must continue developing his game if he wants to be an every down player.

Eric Wood C Louisville

Wood would be a solid addition in the second round if he somehow slipped to the Cardinals pick. He's a dependable player who will keep his legs driving and plays with a mean streak. He's a straight line center that does a good job matching what the defender brings. If he can improve on his quickness and lower body strength, he can be an anchor for any teams offensive line.

Sherrod Martin FS Troy

Martin's a versatile player who should be able to help any team that drafts him in a variety of ways. He was a very effective gunner on punt coverage and could be a solid contributor on special teams early in his career. If he's left at his natural position, safety, his transition to the NFL could be a relatively easy one. Overall though he is an underrated prospect with a very intriguing skill set.

Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn

Marks has adequate timed speed, good balance and short-area quickness, showing the loose hips needed when changing direction. He can accelerate into the backfield to disrupt the plays and plays at a low center of gravity that he combines with his squat frame to slip under reach blocks, but fails to play with a consistent motor. He uses his hands effectively and gains leverage to jolt and stack blockers. His motor runs hot and cold and he needs to play with more consistent intensity. He is basically a short-area type of player with limited long speed.

Most of breakdowns provided are from Cbssports.


Again, thanks for everybody who participated and lets hope for a productive real draft tomorrow. I'll be on here for the draft and we'll post the Cardinals second round pick then as well.