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2009 NFL Draft: Day Two Open Thread

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Welcome to Revenge of the Birds!  Day One earned the Arizona Cardinals two players to fill definite needs on the roster — Beanie Wells was recruited with the 31st overall pick to add some punch in the running game; Cody Brown was added to the Cardinals' defense to bring some youth to the pass rush.  Day Two picks start off as somewhat recognizeable names and may be even players that RotB's cgolden highlighted as a potential pick of the Cardinals; by the end of the day when that last compensational pick is announced, we'll all be wondering "who?".  Fear not, RotB will provide the details as the become available.  These details should only whet your appetite for more and fear not as the upcoming week will be chock full of analysis and projections for the Cardinals' 2009 Draft Class leading up to next weekend's mandatory mini-camp.

Feel free to comment on the day's activities and let's see how close Bezekira's Cardinals-only mock draft comes to reality. 

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