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Arizona Cardinals Cut Edgerrin James, Travis LaBoy and Rod Hood

In a surprising yet predictable move, the Arizona Cardinals have parted ways Roderick_hood4_mediumwith running back Edgerrin James, defensive end Travis LaBoy, and cornerback Roderick Hood. James was the one move we all expected to happen, the other two, not so much. Although LaBoy did absolutely nothing last year, he would just be in his second year with the team and would be returning healthy. Hood is the shocker. The Cardinals had a poor secondary last year and Hood was one of the more solid players. According to, this is all salary cap related. Releasing Edge now frees up $5 million in cap room, while the release of Hood will release $3 million, and LaBoy $2 million. The current draft now makes a lot more sense with the additions of Cody Brown and Rashad Johnson/Toler. The moves do however, limit depth, especially on the defense. Obviously coach Whisenhunt and Bill Davis saw something that didn't fit into the defensive scheme the Cardinals were trying to run. What's everybody's take on the situation? Was this the right move for the team? Whisenhunt_medium

It's never easy to release veteran players who have contributed to the team's success, and these three individuals certainly fall into that category. 
But like every decision we make, it simply comes down to what is in the best interest of our football team and what gives us the best chance for success. We're grateful to all three of them for their contributions and wish them nothing but the best in the future.