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ROTB Community Mock Draft: Round 2 Information Update

As we stated earlier, since the 1st round went successfully and we are just about finished with it, we decided to keep the ball rolling and move on to the second round. We do have to focus on completing it before the draft which is about 3 weeks away. Everybody will still pick for the same teams and you can see who you are responsible for below and the order of the 2nd round as well. If anybody doesn't want to particapate, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Now to break it down, the order for round 2 is obviously different. Washington, Kansas City, and San Diego don't have picks. New England has three as well. And Dallas and Carolina are now on the board. kj197728 and Dbackskins dont have picks as results of trades and some members now have multiple picks. We'll figure out the order as they come closer but for now, this is how it's going to go down.

Update: We're all set now on the second round with Aces, hevchv, and Red Reign filling the empty spots. The 2nd round begins immediately after the 1st so be ready. To refresh your memory, you can see the order after the jump.

1-33 Detroit - Andrew602
2-34 New England (from Kansas City) -  Hawk's Wife
3-35 St. Louis - Hawk
4-36 Cleveland - Cardinal_Fang
5-37 Seattle - KDean75
6-38 Cincinnati - LaCardsFan
7-39 Jacksonville - AZCARDS66
8-40 Oakland - ianbbc02
9-41 Green Bay - JallRed350
10-42 Buffalo - Bezekira
11-43 San Francisco - bcloirao
12-44 Miami (from Washington) - CardsIrish
13-45 NY Giants (from New Orleans) - ianbbc02
14-46 Houston - Red Reign
15-47 New England from (San Diego) - Hawks Wife
16-48 Denver - AJBirdwatcher
17-49 Chicago - KDean75
18-50 Cleveland (from Tampa Bay) - Cardinal_Fang
19-51 Dallas - Hevchv
20-52 NY Jets - RedBirdsRule
21-53 Philadelphia - AJBirdwatcher
22-54 Minnesota - jallred350
23-55 Atlanta - Cardsfan08
24-56 Miami - CardsIrish
25-57 Baltimore - Red Reign
26-58 New England - Hawks Wife
27-59 Carolina - Aces
28-60 NY Giants - ianbbc02
29-61 Indianapolis - IrishCardinal
30-62 Tennessee - Giannaros
31-63 Arizona -  ROTB Community
32-64 Pittsburgh - CG, Blitzberg, etc