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Simeon Rice Still Loves Him some Simeon Rice

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We recently voted Simeon Rice to the ROTB All-Cardinal team but he's making news right now for the different reason. We all know that Rice was never the most humble athlete but but being 35 years old hasn't slowed his confidence one bit. He was recently on a Tampa radio station and not only did he say that he's going to play this year but that all he had to do was strap on a helmet and he'd instantly be in the "top 5" at the position. He went on to say that he'd lead the league in sacks and proclaimed himself the best DE in the state of Floriday. If you know anything about Rice, you know hearing him talk is worth a listen. Take a look

Just for the record though, don't expect to see Rice in the WWE anytime soon. He did say he'd come in and play for the veteran minimum and cited the Bears as a team that is interested.