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Arizona Cardinals Potential Draft Pick: Sammie Lee Hill

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If you were getting tired of hearing about DE/OLB hybrids, you're in luck today as ROTB takes a look at big bodied DT who should go in the middle to late rounds:

Sammie Lee Hill (DT), Stillman College

6'4", 329

Combine Results

  • 40 Yard Dash: 5.12
  • 20 Yard Split: 2.84
  • 10 Yard Split: 1.69
  • Bench Press: 27
  • Vertical Jump: 28
  • Broad Jump: 9'1"
  • 20-Yard Shuttle: 4.97
  • 3-Cone Drill: 7.89

Positives: Despite ideal size for a traditional nose tackle, it's Hill's athleticism that turns heads. He's got excellent quickness and lateral agility for his size and uses his powerful hands very well when fending off blockers. He's quick off the snap and has a powerful bull rush. He was moved to defensive end as a senior and really excelled on the outside in one-on-one situations.

Negatives: His level of competition and inability to handle double teams have raised the biggest flags. He was moved to defensive end his senior year so that opposing offenses couldn't double team and neutralize him. He also needs to lower his pad level because his height can be a disadvantage when he gets stood up and a blocker gets under his pads. He also doesn't chase plays or hustle down the line as well as some would prefer.

Overview: SLH was a man among boys his senior season and his ability to play multiple positions could add even more value to an intriguing package. His tackles, tackles for loss and sacks increased nearly across the board for every season he was in college and his senior year he turned in an impressive line of  59, 14.5, 7.5 respectively. He'll have to be able to beat or at least hold his own against double teams at the professional level to be an effective nose tackle but at worse he could be a valuable member of a defensive line rotation capable of playing every position.

Projected Round: mid 3rd round to late 5th round

Why the Cardinals should draft him: With the uncertainty at nose tackle the Cardinals need a backup plan in case Gabe Watson isn't resigned next season and Alan Branch continues his disapointing career path. In the middle rounds, SLH would provide a low risk insurance policy and he would the depth at both defensive end and nose tackle.

How he'd fit into the Cardinals system: In the current hybrid system, he's a perfect fit because's not quite a nose tackle yet and not quite quick enough to be a true defensive end. When the defense switches to their 'big' package that they used in the playoffs with a four man line, he'd be force because opposing offenses wouldn't be able to double him. As the transition continues to a true 3-4 and he gets stronger under NFL training, he could develop into the kind of gap shooting nose tackles who really creates problems for opposing offenses.