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Arizona Cardinals News: Karlos Dansby Fires His Agent

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After getting some promising reports on Friday about the status of Karlos Dansby's contract, Dansby promptly fired his agent over the weekend. His former agent, Kirk Wood, had some positive negotiations with the Arizona Cardinals front office during the course of last week but that wasn't enough for Wood to keep his job. While it's not unprecedented for a player to switch agents, the timing is somewhat surprising. Some are speculating that the framework for a deal was in place and Dansby was frustrated that the deal was't completed last week, but again that's all speculation.

The new guy calling the shots for Dansby is expected to be Eugene Parker, who also happens to represent Adrian Wilson and Larry Fitzgerald. So what does a new agent mean for Dansby and the Cardinals? Does this help, hurt or have no impact on Dansby's chances for a long term deal with the Red Birds?