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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 31th Overall Pick, the Arizona Cardinals Select...

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. With 30 picks in the books, the Arizona Cardinals step to the podium and select.......

Nah, nah, nah. Not so fast. With this being a 'community mock draft, it just wouldn't fair for one person to make the pick for the Cardinals so we're leaving it up to you, the ROTB community.31st_overall_medium

Here are the best players on the board (in no particular order), and a small case for each, and we leave the selection up to you. The poll will stay up for 24 hours and tomorrow we'll learn who the Cardinals selection will be. If there is a guy who you think we left out, make a case for him in the comment section and we'll add him.

Brandon Pettigrew: The best tight end in the draft is on the board and don't think for second that Whiz wouldn't love to have a quality tight end who can block as well as can catch. Pettigrew's not overly fast and has fallen thanks to lackluster 40 times but he's constantly compared to Jason Witten.

Donald Brown: Brown has shot up draft boards during the off season and he continues to intrigue scouts with his ability to do it all. He's a well rounded back who carried an otherwise poor Connecticut offense.

Chris "Beanie" Wells: It's been a tough off season for the guy who entered his senior season as the #1 back in the country. Injuries are a question mark but his ability to pound the rock is not.

LeSean McCoy: McCoy's stock has taken a hit since the end of the college season because his forty times weren't near as good as most thought they'd be. After a flu-riddled combine, McCoy was even less impressive at his pro day and could fall into the middle of the second round.

Tyson Jackson: We haven't covered Jackson but he's the best 3-4 defensive end in the draft and some scouts have a 'top 10' grade on him. He's got the size (6'4, 296) to step in immediately and perform in a 3-4.

Clint Sintim: Even though he's the most experienced 3-4 line backer in the draft, Sintim has fallen down draft charts after uninspiring workouts and scouts are all over the place in his projections. Some still have a first round grade on him while other have him falling all the way into the third.

Alex Mack: Most consider Mack the best center on the board and he'd probably step in and start over Lyle Sendlein from day one. Ken Whisenhunt has spoken in favor or Sendlein but could still be intrigued by the promise of Mack.

Robert Ayers: Another guy we haven't covered yet (although that should change soon), Ayers played mostly defensive end at Tennessee but some scouts think he could move to outside linebacker at the pro level. He added over 40 pounds to his frame during his college career and he'd probably have to slim down from his current weight of 274 to play standing up.

Micheal Johnson: The big man from Georgia Tech is a polarizing figure in this years draft as some have him as a top 30 pick while others put him in the third round. His intangibles and lack of production before his senior season raise some red flags but his physical abilities are second to none.

Well that's it, who ya got?