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ROTB Community Mock Draft: With the 31th Overall Pick, the Arizona Cardinals Select...(Part Deux)

Ok, so I knew we said we were going to let the poll go for 24 hours (and if you didn't get a chance to vote, you still can) but it looks like the majority has spoken and the Arizona Cardinals masses have selected...

Chris "Beanie" Wells (RB), Ohio State

6'1", 237

It's no small secret that the Arizona Cardinals couldn't move the ball on the ground at all in 2008 and we've beaten Chris_wells_mediumthe "we need a running back" horse to death. Here's what we had to say about Wells a couple of weeks ago as a 'potential draft pick:'

Positives: Wells is your ideal, large downhill runner. He has the perfect size (Upper body, arms, legs, shoulders), and speed to be dominant runner in the NFL. He has great vision and is able to burst through holes at ease. He runs through tackles with a force, and carries defenders with him. Once in the second level, he becomes even harder to bring down. He usually wins a challenge, and adds extra yardage after the first hit. Arm and leg tackles rarely bring him down. Most defenders have trouble with him because of his speed and elusiveness as well. Although he is a bull runner, he can hit the burners in the secondary, and makes more then one cut at a time. Wells is also a smart, patient player, who will adjust to new plays and formations. Wells has good leg drive, and has the best stiff arm in the draft. 

Negatives: Wells doesn't have home-run type speed, and may struggle against quicker defenses. He is fit to run between the tackles, and has problems when bouncing it to the outside. Has had fumbling problems and needs to work on his ball security to keep a job in the NFL. Doesn't have any character issues on or off field, but may need to be spoiled to stay happy. His work ethic has improved, but he may still miss some workouts. He has never had to be a leader at Ohio State, and some feel this may be a larger weakness then it appears. He rarely caught the ball in college( 15 catches in 3 years) and needs to polish his route running. Has a good initial pop in pass protection, but isn't NFL ready to block big defenders.

Overview: The knock on Wells is that he isn't your typical multipurpose back. He is a straight forward runner, and dominates defenses.  Most think if he were to become a genuine leader, he would be a franchise-type running back. If he can improve his overall game and fill multiple needs, he can eventually be one of the best running backs in the league.

Many thanks to everyone who voted and voiced their opinion. The Steelers and Blitzburgh are now on the clock with the Lions and Andrew602 on deck. If anyone needs to refresh their memory on the second round draft order, check here.