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Weekly Flock of Arizona Cardinals

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Over at bleacherreport, they breakdown the Cardinals draft possibilities saying,

Considering their first pick is still rather unpredictable, I will operate under the assumption they grab a running back in the first, and leave it open for debate whether to draft a corner or tackle in the second round.

- Also from bleacherreport, they jokingly provide 10 funny facts that you wouldn't know about quarterback Kurt Warner. Here is fact number 7:

Whether you think so or not, Warner is in fact Superman. It explains the literal inability for anyone on this planet to fully shave his face. His wife tried once, back in 1999, and it blew all her hair off. Dude has a powerful chin, yo.

- At bleacherreport, they also breakdown Kurt Warner's 2008 season, saying that he isn't past is prime, even at the age of 37.

- At nflgridirongab they talk about how Anquan Boldin would like to play for the Dolphins.

- Darren Urban breaks down the Karlos Dansby situation saying that Dansby is hoping to strike a huge deal next year if it's an uncapped year.

- Mike Sando provides a scorecard of the NFC West off-season. The Cardinals led the NFL with 7 UFA re-signings.

- CBS Sports takes a look at the Cardinals off season and also provides a look at the team's current needs.

- In NFC West news, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has returned healthy and confident. When asked about the team possibly drafting Matthew Stafford, Hasselbeck said, "they should provide a seat for the rookie on the bench."