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Wrapping Up Day One of Arizona Cardinals Mini Camp

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What would the Arizona Cardinals first 'practice' of the 2009 season be without some drama? With a handful of players wanting new contracts and another handful rehabbing injuries, the NFC Champion, Cardinals ran through a quick 85 minute practice that marked the first time the team had been together on a field since the Super Bowl. As for the drama, here goes:

  • Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett both had "hamstring" issues that they informed the team about during their physicals yesterday. Instead of practicing the team sent both of them to get an MRI. Whisenhunt, who happens to be no fool, responded with:

"Hey, we know what's going on, I'm really not going to have much to say about that."

  • Karlos Dansby missed all but the final minutes of practice because he thought practice was later and he had to take a physical before he could join the team (apparently his agent isn't as creative as Drew Rosenhaus).
  • Oliver Ross, the latest addition, was at practice but we did learn that he's just there on a 'tryout' basis, much like Dominique Byrd. Also in the 'tryout' category is linebaker Rian Wallace. Wallace is another former Steeler who played in 16 games between '05 & '06. He spent the '07 season on IR with the Steelers and was cut by the Redskins last year during camp. The soon to be 27 year old has nine career tackles and one interception (that he returned for a TD).
  • Ben Claxton was manning the backup center spot.
  • As we'd expect, Clark Haggans and Chike Okeafor were manning the starting spots at outside linebacker and their backups were Victor Hobson and Cody Brown. Bertrand Berry didn't practice.
  • The list of walking wounded (at practice but didn't particpate) included Ali Highsmith, Tim Castille, Stephen Spach and Gabe Watson. Kurt Warner participated in some of practice but was 'limited' at best.