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Arizona Cardinals News: The Anquan Boldin Trade Rumors Simply Won't Die

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Maybe it's just a fact that Drew Rosenhaus is a true genius or maybe the media is just bored during football's boring summer but it seems pretty clear that the Arizona Cardinals, and us fans, are going to have to live with the Anquan Boldin trade rumors for a while. Last week, Rosenhaus used Twitter to stir up the trade talk again, but this week it's opposing teams who are bringing up Boldin's name. We here at ROTB emphatically stated that if Boldin had not been traded by the end of the first round of the draft, he'd be a Cardinal for the 2009 season, but apparently the rest of the nation didn't get the message. While neither of these new reports seems to shed any light on the future, they're still stroking the fire and keeping Boldin and his agent in the limelight. Here are two lastest reports:Boldin_baby_medium

  • The first report is out of Philly and isn't really anything more than a confirmation from Andy Reid that the Eagles inquired about Boldin's avaliability. The Eagles concluded that the price was too high and he suggested that the asking price was a first, third and fifth round pick. When you combine the picks and Boldin's desire for a new contract, the price was just too high. He also hinted that maybe the Cardinals just didn't really want to trade Boldin. For what it's worth, Mike Sando has an interesting story breaking down what the Cardinals might have recieved out of those picks by looking back at the players selected in the last eight years at those projected slots (spoiler alert: It's a very underwhelming list).
  • The second report is out of Miami where "one source close to the situation" tells a Miami paper that the Dolphins are still "monitoring" the Boldin situation (so I guess Parcell's has subscribed to Rosenhaus' tweets). According to the source, the Dolphins realize that there are problems with trading for him considering that you've got to compensate the Cardinals and Boldin, but "Parcells thinks he a monster!" Regardless of the price though the Dolphins haven't completely dismissed the idea.  


While I highly doubt that either of these stories serve any purpose other than to give board writers something to fill their columns (thanks by the way), they do at least keep Boldin's name on the tip of everyone's tongue. The Philly story doesn't really serve any purpose other than to prove that the Cardinals had no intention of just giving Boldin away (applaud the organization). The report out of Miami is hard to swallow for one main reason, Bill Parcells doesn't trade away him draft picks. In the end these are almost certainly nothing but talk but people are still talking. Are you buying any of this and how sick are you of hearing Boldin trade rumors? How certain are you that Boldin will be in Arizona for the entire 2009 season?