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How do the Arizona Cardinals Offensive Star Players Rank Amongst Their Peers?

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The Sporting News is putting together some interesting 'Top 20' rankings of each position in the NFL and as always, it's interesting to see how many Arizona Cardinals make the cut. As you'd probably expect, no one from the offensive line made the top 20 at their respective position (although they only ranked the top 10 centers). I'd be interested to know how far down the list Levi Brown was at tackle, but it's not that surprising that he was left outside of the '20.' No Cardinal tight end made the list either, but I'd imagine they could expand their list well into the 30's before Stephen Spach's name shows up (assuming he'd be ranked as Arizona's best TE) as I'm sure there are a handful of teams who have two tight ends who could start for the Cards. The Cardinals were well represented at the skill positions though, especially at receiver where Fitzgerald and Boldin were both ranked in the top five. Kurt Warner and even a Cardinals' running back made an appearance at their respective positions:

Wide Receivers:

  • #1 - Larry Fitzgerald: If there were any questions about Fitzgerald's place at the top of this list, his incredible postseason run should have been enough to convince doubters. He had an incredible 30 catches for 546 yards and seven touchdowns in four games while averaging 18.2 yards per catch despite constant double-teams. He has outstanding physical tools and the skills to dictate coverage and control a game.
  • #4 - Anquan Boldin: Boldin is big and physical working the underneath routes and the middle of the field, and he makes plays after the catch. He might be the No. 2 on the Cardinals, but he'd be No. 1 for almost every other NFL team. And that's what he wants. Expect the trio of Boldin, Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston to be catching passes from Kurt Warner again this season.


  • #8 - Kurt Warner: Warner got paid in the off season, and now he can focus on putting his quick release back to work in the Cardinals' explosive attack. It looks as though all the pieces will be back in '09, and as long as he stays healthy -- a bigger concern as he turns 38 in June -- another 4,000-yard, 30-touchdown season is within reach.

Running Backs:

  • #20 - Chris "Beanie" Wells: Wells is big and powerful, in the Jacobs mold. Wells is only a rookie but should overtake Tim Hightower as the first- and second-down back and get the call in short-yardage and goal-line situations. Wells must improve as a pass blocker and receiver, but that will come in time. 


As you'd expect the Cardinals skill position are well represented but the big uglies up front are no where to be found. What do you guys think? Would you have rated anyone higher?