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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: OTA Edition

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  • Darren Urban talks about the importance of OTA's, which kick off today for the Cardinals. 
  • Urban also says that the NFL bumped up the salary cap an additional $5 million last week, but as he explains, the teams new that the additional room was coming. This move leaves the Cardinals with around 6.2 in cap space. 
  • Arizona will make their bid for the 2013 Super Bowl today. Other cities who are expected to make a pitch are Miami and New Orleans. 
  • Mike Sando takes a look at the undrafted starters in the NFC West and the Cardinals lead the division with three projected starters, Warner, Sendlein and Spach.
  • Sando also lists the 'vets on the hot seat' in the division and for the Cardinals he lists Alan Branch, Matt Leinart and Deuce Lutui. I'm not sure how two backup players can be on the 'hot seat' but maybe that's a testament to how far this roster has come.
  • Sando also lists "Beanie" Wells as a rookie on the hot seat which I guess makes sense considering that most expect him to replace, if not outperform a future Hall of Fame running back. 
  • Pro Football Weekly has a note about Calais Campbell increasing his weight from 282 to 290, which should make him the ideal size for a 3-4 DE.
  • Football Outsiders take a post-draft look at the NFC West, although nothing is really ground breaking.
  • The National Football Post lists the Cincinnati Bengals as the most fitting home for Edgerrin James because their depth at running back is shaky at best and they don't have a third down back.