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Arizona Cardinals News: Anquan Boldin Speaks to Media

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After showing up at Arizona Cardinals mini-camp with an 'injury' that the team was unaware of, getting an MRI and not participating in practice, Anquan Boldin got his chance to address the media. There weren't any orchestrated blowouts or demands but Boldin got his point across none the less. He's not happy, he's not sure the Cardinals really tried to trade him and he might not report to camp. None of that is really ground breaking or news worthy, but really just sign that we're in for another eventful summer.  

One thing seems clear, after tomorrow we won't see Boldin until the team reports to Flagstaff for training camp (if he shows up on time). It would have to be classified as a major surprise if he made an appearence at any of the team's OTA's over the next couple of months. Ken Whisenhunt and the rest of the front office continue to say that Boldin is part of the long term plans but his contract issues will be resolved after Karlos Dansby and Adrian Wilson.

For what it's worth, here's what Darren Urban and Kent Somers had to say about their exchanges with Boldin.