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Arizona Cardinals News: OTA Update Including An Extension for Anquan Boldin?

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The Arizona Cardinals held organized team activities for the second consecutive day and not only were there more familiar faces present, we might have some very good news in the works. First though an amazingly fortunate story for a young promising defensive end.

  • Kenny Iwebema, a second year player out of the University of Iowa, is recovering from an unexpected surgery after a benign tumor was found in his chest during the team's routine physicals, prior to OTA's. Darren Urban covers the story much better than we can, but here's an excerpt (and there's also a good video on the site with Whiz explaining the situation in a way that only 'The Whiz' can):

Iwebema is sidelined for up to two months, but that's good news. After doctors were able to remove the tumor through the side of his body, Iwebema should be ready for training camp. Had the tumor grown just a bit bigger (and it was already 9 centimeters by 7 centimeters), doctors would have had to open Iwebema's chest for the surgery, a procedure that would have sidelined him for all of 2009.

"Doing it the way they did it," Cardinals head athletic trainer Tom Reed said, "they not only saved his life but he'll be able to play football this season."

  • After missing OTA's yesterday, Warner, Fitzgerald, Sean Morey, Chike Okeafor and Adrian Wilson were all back on the field. Warner is almost fully recovered from his off season hip surgery and he's still well ahead of schedule to be 100% by training camp. 
  • As for the 'other' good news, there are a couple of reports floating out there right now about the Cardinals and Boldin possibly working on a new deal or at least talking more seriously about the situation. Michael Bidwell recently stated, "We've worked hard at getting Anquan Boldin extended and we'll continue to do those things." Rosenhaus added that his side is still open to an extension. Props to the front office for addressing a situation that a lot of us think should be left alone.