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Arizona Cardinals Interested in Michael Vick?

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Disclaimer: At this point, this sounds like a rumor that's being started by a single man but ESPN is running with it so I'll throw it out there. In no way am I am stating that I agree with or support this rumor, if it is in fact true.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is suggesting that the Arizona Cardinals are among the top five teams that could bring in Michael Vick. He lists the Patriots, Saints, Steelers, Browns and Cardinals as teams that "make sense." Mort originally listed his five teams on a Sports Centers special (that I can't find video of) and the audio has been replayed several times on ESPN radio, but he's also rehashed his thought process on his Twitter page (the specific comment is here). Of course we all know that Vick might not even be able to play this season and technically he's still under contract with the Falcons (although most expect him to be released at some point).


Michael Vick

#7 / Quarterback / Arizona Cardinals?



Jun 26, 1980

Virginia Tech

I'm sure that we all have varying degrees of hatred or hope (that he get's a second chance), so I'll just ask, would you support Michael Vick becoming an Arizona Cardinal? Also, what role do you think Vick will serve where ever he ends up playing?