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Arizona Cardinals Rumors: Anquan Boldin to Hire New Agent: Tom Condon

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Rumors are circulating that Anquan Boldin is on the verge of hiring an agent who is very familiar with the Arizona Cardinals, Tom Condon. Condon has always been the name on the top of the list according to most reports and he's certainly a worthy replacement. He's most known for representing the highest rated quarterbacks coming out of the draft and he's as a result he's also Matt Leinart's agent. Condon does have a reputation as a shrewd negotiator and many of his young quarterback clients end up holding out during training camp. Condon and his team also represent Mike Gandy, Kenny Iwebema and Alan Branch.

How his presence in Boldin's ongoing battle with the organzation effects the situation remains to be seen, but the idea that Boldin is ready to kiss and make up might be quite off base. Thoughts?