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Was Donald Brown the Arizona Cardinals #1 Running Back? Was Beanie Wells the #2?

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There was a lot of discussion from the media which stated that Donald Brown was the Arizona Cardinals #1 running back on the draft board, but there was no supporting information that we could find. The Cardinals hadn't tipped their hand or said as much and our insider Darren Urban never made comments to show any indication. That led many of us to dismiss the Brown rumor as just more media misinformation that was drummed up as everything does prior to the draft, but perhaps that information was valid.

Ken Whisenhunt was recently on ESPNradio talking about Donald Brown and Beanie Wells. From the clip that, Whiz was very anxious when Donald Brown was taken off of the board, but was happy to see that Beanie Wells was still available.

With the draft in the rear view mirror and the first mini camp completed I know that we don't want to look back at something that we poured so much time and energy into, however, it's interesting to hear Whiz's voice when he says that they were "very anxious" when Brown was taken off of the board.

The link to the complete podcast is here.

I know it doesn't change anything, but would you have been happier if the Cardinals had taken Donald Brown as their number 1 pick?