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Arizona Cardinals Are Going to Win the NFC West, According to Vegas

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The Venetian has released it's annual NFL over/under win total for 2009 but don't worry, I'm not saying you should bet your house on the Arizona Cardinals winning the NFC West. No, the purpose of this post isn't for you to call a bookie or find a site that'll take your wager. Whether you gamble or not, you have to respect Las Vegas' reputation for being near the mark on sports predictions. In the past, Las Vegas odds have been a pretty accurate barometer for NFL win totals, so how did they project the NFC West?

Here are the over/under totals for wins:

  • Arizona Cardinals - 9
  • Seattle Seahawks - 7.5
  • San Francisco 49ers - 7
  • St. Louis Rams - 5

For what it's worth there are only five teams with double digit win total line, the Patriots (12), Steelers (11), Giants, Chargers and Colts (all at 10.5). The Cowboys are slightly ahead of the Cardinals at 9.5 wins and the Eagles are even at nine.

I guess if you look at it this way the Cardinals would end up with the #2 seed and a first round bye in the playoffs, if Vegas nailed every line. Do you agree with their projections?