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Arizona Cardinals News: Drew Rosenhaus Will Not Let Anquan Boldin Trade Rumors Die

ROTB orginally thought that the Anquan Boldin trade rumors would die down after the playoffs because, at this point in time, any trade wouldn't help the 2009 Arizona Cardinals. Drew Rosenhaus, Boldin's snake in the grass agent, though sees the situation much differently. In what's being an unbelievably popular way of communicating, Rosenhaus used Twitter to update his thoughts on the situation saying:

"I still believe Anquan will be traded before training camp," Rosenhaus wrote on Twitter. "I hope to work together with the Cardinals to resolve the situation by then."

Granted his first sentance was much more definitive than the second but Rosenhaus continues to stir the trade fire. Boldin's 'injury' this weekend and expected absence from all OTA's over the summer will likely keep the rumors circulating but any trade will have to blow the Cardinals away at this point.