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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock

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  • Why Boldin Needs To Be In Arizona - Matt Bowen of the National Football Post details why Anquan Boldin is best suited to stay with the Cardinals.
  • Arrington’s Knee - The National Football Post details the injury waiver included in J.J. Arrington's contract with Denver.
  • Watson Ready to Return - The official site talks with Gabe Watson, who finally feels healthy and is ready to have a big year.
  • Watson optimistic - AZcentral also checks in with Watson who again talks about optimistic he'll play pain-free
  • Handicapping extension talks - Kent Somers looks at the current contract status of the Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby and Anquan Boldin.
  • "Fitz on Twitter" - If you've been looking for a way to keep track of Larry Fitzgerald, you're in luck because he's on Twitter.
  • St. Pierre wants to be No. 2 - St. Pierre says Ken Whisenhunt promised a shot to compete with Matt Leinart for backup QB slot.