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Arizona Cardinals Sign Rookie Offensive Guard Trevor Canfield

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The front office of the Arizona Cardinals is staying busy with their second signing in as many days. Yesterday they got LaRod Stephens-Howling inked to a three year deal and today they do the same with fellow seventh round pick, Trevor Canfield. As usual the financial terms have not been released by you can expect Canfield's contract, much like Stephens-Howlings, to be for three years with very small base salaries and a minimal signing bonus.

Canfield, a three year starter at the University of Cincinnati, has spent most of his career at guard but he has some experience at center as well. His calling card has been his mobility and lateral quickness but despite decent size, he's never been a very good drive blocker. He'll certainly have to get stronger and perhaps add some weight to his frame before he pushes for playing time. Given the depth across the offensive line, he'll have to have a good training camp in order to make the 53 and proving to be a reliable option at center might prove to be his best chance. 

Canfield's signing marks the third rookie to sign, preceded by Herman "Munster" Johnson and LaRod Stephens-Howling.

Update #1: Darren Urban made good point about the roster size after Canfield's signing. There are 85 players on the current roster so each pick signed from here on out will have to also be followed by cutting a player to make room.