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Arizona Cardinals Release Training Camp Dates

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The Arizona Cardinals have released their dates for the start of training camp and the practice schedule for the entire time that the team is in Flagstaff. We can now start the official countdown clock, which currently stands at about six and a half weeks (or 44 long days). The first practice is the morning of July 31, six days later than last year, and camp comes to a close on August 20th, a day earlier than the end of camp in 2008. The end result is shaving a full week off the Cards' time up north. The total of 23 practices includes six 'two-a-days' and also two night practices at Lumberjack Stadium.

The entire schedule can be found at the official site, as well as any changes to the schedule.

Update: Guys, anyone is planning on attending training camp who is interested in contributing practice reports, photos or general observations, please send an e-mail to We'll complile a list and hopefully have some very unique coverage of training camp.