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Via Twitter: Darnell Dockett Wants to "Make it Rain"

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Arizona Cardinals' defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has had his own Twitter account for just over two months and so far we've learned that he's cut his dreads off, enjoys Mike's Hard Lemonade (here and here) and supports Michael Vick's Dockett_headshot_mediumcomeback. He also thinks the Cardinals are the team to beat in the NFC West and that Bryant McFadden will definitely help the defense, but his most interesting tweet came yesterday evening when he said....

Why don't they have strip Clubs Here like they have in ATLANTA so I can make hurricane Katrina with this money. Make it RAAAAAIN.

We are assuming that this account really is Darnell Dockett considering that his agent, the Great Drew, recently announced him to the twitter world.

Maybe it's 'old man syndrome' but Twitter doesn't seem like the best way for some people to spend their time. What do you think about Twitter? Should NFL players put themselves out there like this?