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Caption this Pic: Arizona Cardinals Style

The name of the game pretty much says it all. Come up with a caption for this picture of Sean Morey and Steve Breaston while they chat during some downtime at Arizona Cardinals mini-camp. The rules are simple and you guys will determine the winner.

Leave your own caption in a comment (one per comment but you can post multiple comments if you feel obliged) and you can vote on which captions are the best by recommending the comment. The caption/comment with the most recommendations on Wednesday morning is the winner. The winner will receive bragging rights about all things Cardinals until the next 'caption this pic' contest. Instructions for recommending are after the jump. Enjoy.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner goes to our very own Irishcardinal for coming up with a caption that is a painful reminder of a loss to the Niners from the 2007 season (here's the game recap at with video). In case your memory is fogging, the Redbirds and Niners played a wildly entertaining (or maddening depending on how you look at it) game that included four Cardinals' turnovers, 484 passing yards from KW and one of Fitz's best games ever as a pro (156 yards and two TD's). After a crazy four quarters the game went into overtime and on a second and four Morey took a short pass from Warner and raced up the sidelines for looked like the winning touchdown. Somehow, someway though Patrick Willis chased Morey down and tackled him after a 62 yard gain. To make matters worse the Cardinals picked up one more first down and then attempted to kick the game winning field goal on a second and ten from the 14 yard line. ROTB's favorite Jekyll and Hyde kicker, Neil Rackers, had other plans though because his 32 yard kick went wide left. To make matters worse the defense actually held on the Niners ensuing possession but the Cardinals next possession would start at their own three yard line after a Ben Patrick penalty on the punt. Warner dropped back to pass on first and ten but the Niners would bring pressure and not only was Warner sacked in the endzone but he also fumbled the ball, which the Niners recovered for the game winning score of 37-31. That loss sent the first year Whisenhunt-led Cardinals to 5-6.

Thanks to all those who participated and hopefully we can make this a regular series once photos start rolling in from training camp.

To recommend a comment, all  you have to do is click on the link that says "actions" under a comment and then "recommend." Got it?