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The Cardinals Greatest

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We're a little under two months till some football action and the closer it gets, the less there is to talk about... other then rookie signings. So on another note, let us discuss which current Arizona Cardinal will end up as one of the greatest red bird ever. Over the years there hasn't been many bright spots from the Cardinals gloomy franchise. In all actuality, it's pretty sad that there are only a couple worthy candidates of being the franchise's greatest all-time. The most obvious that comes to mind would be Aeneas Williams. But recently, the tide has turned. Coming off of a Super Bowl run, there are plenty of players that could end up as franchise greats. Here's the list so far:

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald cemented himself in playoff history last year, let alone Cardinal history. He was always a top-ten receiver but in '09, he's the top dog. He's also one of the nicest/genuine players on the team. He's tweaked certain aspects of his game, and the scariest part is that he's still making improvements. He always seems to find a way to beat the defensive back to ball and make a play. He has crisp route running and superb hands. His current contact runs till he's 28, which is certainly too young to retire, so we can only hope he gets resigned for the remainder of his career. He's already said he wants to go down as one of the Cardinals greatest players and he's not far. It's inevitable that he will hold all of the Cardinals receiving records in the next couple years. He's currently 7th in receptions, 7th in yards, and 3rd in touchdowns.

Adrian Wilson

In wake of his recent contract extension, it's assumed that Adrian Wilson will finish his career as a Cardinal. A-dub's always been a force on the defense, and as we all know, the D just isn't the same if he's not on the field. Whether it be a pick or a big sack, he's generally around the ball carrier making big plays. His recent 5 year deal will keep him as a Cardinal till he's 35, which is generally the age of retirement. He's currently in the prime of his career and coming off another pro bowl year. He's currently 13th overall for career sacks, but 1st for a defensive back. He's also a member of the 18/18 club with 18 sacks and interceptions. Wilson has said he wants to reach the 30/30 club before he retires which is certainly possible. One things for sure, Wilson is currently the longest tenured Cardinal and it seems he will finish his entire career as one.

Kurt Warner

This option may seem a little out of whack as Warner's career may be finished after the 2009 season. But Warner proved age was nothing but a number when he led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl and also started in the pro bowl himself. He may not break any franchise career numbers, but he holds nearly every record for a single season Cardinal quarterback. He one of the classiest, nicest guys in the NFL, and strives to make everyone around him better, both spiritually and athletic-wise. Warner also proved many doubters wrong when he played all 20 games last year. And in case you're curious, he's currently 5th in yards and touchdowns all time. Warner already was voted as the Cardinals all-time quarterback by the ROTB community, and may certainly go down as one of the Cardinals all time greats.

Anquan Boldin

The future's cloudy with this one, but there's still no denying that Boldin is already one of the top wide receivers to ever wear a Cardinals jersey. If a long term deal does happen, Boldin will be sure to compete with Fitzgerald for the Cardinals receiving record books. Boldin is a very unique receiver with bruising strength, and hands that rarely drop a pass. Over the years we have became used to Q catching balls over the middle, running over defenders, and playing through the thick and thin. Although Q has had his current contract disputes, he plays with nothing but heart and lays it all out on the field. If he does stay with the Cardinals for the coarse of his career, he will very well be remembered for his style of play and contributions to the team. Boldin currently stands at 3rd in receptions, 6th in yards, and 5th in touchdowns.

So that's the list and and very impressive one at that. If all four manage to finish there careers as Cardinals, there will certainly be talk as to who is the greatest. But now's the time for us to discuss. Who do you think will finish as one of the Cardinals all time greats? Is there any young players now that may end up in the record books?