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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Projected Depth Chart Edition

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  • Defensive Depth Chart per Darren Urban - We’re going to go with a 3-4 alignment, although from what I understand, what the Cards march out there weekly will depend on the opponent and who is healthy.
  • Offensive Depth Chart per Darren Urban - These are my educated guesstimates for when the Cards take the field against the 49ers in Glendale Sept. 13. They, of course, don’t take into account any (gasp!) injuries in the preseason. Hopefully, there won’t be any.
  • Diva Wide Receivers? - Anquan Boldin is now listed as a Diva WR?????
  • Calais Campbell vs Antonio Smith - The Cardinals made no significant effort to retain Smith when the Texans stepped up with a lucrative offer. They planned for Campbell, a 2008 second-round choice, to replace him. Arizona's reluctance to overpay a 3-4 defensive end was understandable, but the move also carries risk. Smith had established himself as a solid and versatile starter.

  • How to Structure Day Two Contracts - Seven clubs (Arizona, Baltimore, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis) sign their third- through seventh-rounders to three-year contracts; the remaining 25 clubs sign their respective picks to four-year contracts. When you compare and contrast the three-year deal versus the four-year deal, obviously, the three-year deal gets the player to free agency sooner -- albeit restricted free agency -- while the four-year deal gets the player a higher signing bonus than if the same player had signed a three-year deal. Basically, in exchange for an additional year, the team has to give up more coin.
  • Haley taking blunt approach in K.C. - Herm Edwards was the kind of coach who would put his arm around players walking through the locker room. Todd Haley takes a little different tack. Fiery and blunt, Kansas City's first-year coach is using his no-nonsense approach to try to change a losing culture that's bogged the Chiefs down the past two seasons. After the team completed offseason practices under Haley this week, it's clear everything - from the workouts to the attitude - is going to be different around Arrowhead. Call Haley the anti-Herm.